Social Media


Cognosive Technology is a leading Social media company India that has assisted the clients to increase brand awareness among the online users. As a part of the advertising campaign, our experts create RSS feeds, social news about the company and provide the facility of bookmarking to the end users. Entry of the social media has revolutionized internet what with millions of people logging onto the website to connect with their friends and business colleagues for sharing information.



Cognosive Technology offers SMO services in India, builds the reputation of the clients by sourcing information from genuine resources. We do not only write optimized content, but also make sure that users are engaged through online interactive sessions. Our professionals are extremely capable to handle diverse subjects pertaining to various industries. The Social SMO team creates blogs that prompt the users to visit targeted website and purchase the products.

We provide ‘Social proofs’ to the prospective customers by Re-tweeting information about the launches of new services or the products. Engaging posts are uploaded that command lots of likes and invite comments from the online users. If the website becomes popular in social media, it will also enhance its rankings in the search engine listings.

As an important Social media company India,Cognosive Technology ensures keyword research and takes ownership of the campaign after understanding the business requirement of the clients. SMO professionals in our organization identify the niche customers and target them with sustained as well as innovative information. To create interest, the experts from our SEO Team in India upload latest pictures and videos of the recent product launches on the social media. If the presentation is effective, it becomes viral quickly by attracting huge web traffic.


Business to business interaction has increased on the social media platforms. Our Social media company India which is Cognosive Technology increases the popularity of the clients through social recommendations. Concisely we upload fresh content regularly to retain the interest of the users, provide tools on the website so that people can share the content on the social media. Relevant links lead to more traffic on the web link and in turn increase the business opportunities.

Moreover, As a prominent Social media company India, Cognosive Technology also offers a range of social analytical applications that will help you to monitor the quantity and the quality of the web traffic. While creating content for the website, we ensure a sharing button for the online visitors. It helps in quickly propagating ideas about the brand or information pertaining to a particular product. As the information spreads, it increases the inquisitiveness of the prospective customers. As a prominent Social media company India, Cognosive Technology at the helm, you are assured of maximum eyeballs that are genuinely interested in your products and services.

Social community pages centered on products and services of the clients are created so that users are able to get the latest information. Moreover, relevant multimedia contents are also uploaded to capture the attention of the visitors. As a prominent Social media company in India, Cognosive Technology helps the clients to interact with online users belonging to a particular niche.