Google Advertising


Cognosive Technology is a premier Google advertising company India engaged in pay per click advertising and analyzing the web traffic of the client site. Small enterprises can immensely benefit from the program as our experts provide real time information about the return on investment and carry out the optimization of content through keywords for a particular niche.


Being one of the best Google advertisement agencies in India, Cognosive Technologis experts ensure that the clients only pay for the clicks on their Ads, thereby targeting users interested in the promoted products or services. They will verify the relevance of the content with respect to the user’s interest. Quality is of paramount importance for them, as it matters most in a fiercely competitive online business.

Google advertising company India (Cognosive Technology) provides tools of direct marketing and we use them in an advertising campaign to ensure that the clients achieve top rankings in search engine listings on a consistent basis.

Cognosive Technology has been providing top of the line Google advertisement services of India by running campaigns across different industrial verticals. Our advertisements are concise and focus on a particular set of customers to ensure that redundant web traffic is filtered. Therefore, clients will have a collection of genuine business leads hours after the launch of the ad campaign.


Our technical support team will provide Google ADWORDs accounts to the client so that they can login on the internet and analyze the performance of their ads. To promote the products as well as services, the experts of Cognosive Technology, being best Google advertisement company of India use optimized keywords enabling the indexing of the relevant web page.

We capture the location of your business and direct the local traffic to the website, thereby increasing the probability of sales. Users will find precise information on the link, accessing the data they are searching for.

Hiring experts related to Google advertising company India would help the client base to expand irrespective of the devices they are using. Therefore, desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile can easily access website if the campaign is conducted effectively.

Most of the time, the online business is not able to find suitable customers. The web traffic to the site might increase, however not all of them evince interest in the products and services. The job of Google advertising company India is to segregate genuine inquiries from random hits because the former has the potential to act as a source of online revenue for the company. For instance, if the ad is related to dog care the responsibility of Google advertising company India is to make sure that pet lovers are attracted to the website.

Ads can be tweaked to focus on niche customers who are interested in requisite products and services. Entrepreneurs can make money online by persuading visitors to click on the advertisements through engaging content. Unlike the past when organizations spent a fortune to advertise on electronic and print media, present day Google advertising company India uses online mode to enhance the customer base. Prior to the launching of campaign, keyword research is conducted to optimize the advertising content.